Latest Skincare Scenario

The Latest Skincare Scenario -Expert Opinion matters!

In the current arena health and well-being have become the new extravagance after the covid-pandemic. The year 2022 witnessed a rise in the way people are giving significance to beauty, skincare and haircare. People no longer rely on the so-called primers or highlighters for boosting the skin radiance. Organic is the newest trend and people are moreover interested in the meticulous actives and star ingredients for skin rejuvenation at a more eloquent level.

Retinol, niacinamide, peptides, ceramides, BHA’s, retinols and AHA’s have been replaced by alternative ingredients as people are interested in broadening their skincare perspective. But, are you interested in knowing latest skincare scenario as opiniated by experts for 2023.

Expert Views

  • According to Barbara Sturn, a German aesthetician renowned for her ‘anti-inflammatory skincare philosophy’ shares her opinion. She says that maximum people are eager to acquire knowledge on the ‘anti-inflammatory’ facet of our life, as inflammation often initiates various skin problems and is often associated with our general well-being and skin malfunctions. This specifies that we are heading away from explicit trends as acid peels or the so called ‘Retinol-A’ as we want to reinforce our skin as our favorite organ. We are moreover interested in boosting our skin barrier functioning and we are thus shifting towards a skincare regime which involves anti-inflammatory techniques for skin enhancement.
  • Dr Anna Puri, founder of Skinora and an aesthetician gave her views as follows – ‘In the coming year 2023, people are opting for modest skincare humdrums and minimalistic methods. People now understand the concept that applying numerous skincare products doesn’t work and when we give a thought to skincare, using multiple products never guarantees efficacy, and it sometimes works in the opposite manner. If your keep skin well-hydrated and safeguard it from environmental barriers, it definitely makes a big variance.’
  • As per the views of Jasmine Vico, a skincare expert from London using a holistic approach, in the year 2023 people love to embrace there inside self when it comes to a healthy skincare approach. People need to be more aware and educated for developing an apt understanding for their epidermal self. People just purchase the skin care products without giving a thought to their skin care problems. She firmly believes that people should stick to the mantra and use only the vital skin care essentials rather than just applying any product on their skin.
  • As per the views of Debbie Thomas, a renowned athlete and skater, who made history in the 1980 Olympics, the people are discarding unwanted skincare products from their daily skincare shelf. During lockdown, people experimented a lot and faced sensitive issues and suffered irritation. Thus, they want to switch to a new skincare routine where they have a balanced skin ph and they can repair their skin keeping it hydrated and well nourished. ‘Skinvestment’ is the current trend and popular hashtag

Home treatments

Home treatments are gaining importance these days. People love to order hydrating face masks, chemical peel-off masks, overnight revitalizing treatments. When people are not pleased with the normal results attained with the over-counter methods, they yearn for products which can actually make a modification for your skin.’

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Use of a sunscreen

Sunscreens are forever products which always in demand as they are now utilized on a regular basis. It is also emphasized and most recommended by doctors, beauty experts and aestheticians as one of the necessary skin care products for your skin care routine.

LED Face Masks

These masks are trending these days and people are interested in applying facial and hair serums.

Japanese Indigo

A secret ingredient which solely heals various skin conditions including skin inflammation is ‘Japanese Indigo’. It will soon trend in the upcoming skincare products.

Usage of Ceramides

These days ceramides as well as essential fatty acids are moreover recommended by skin experts as they offer a gentle cleansing. It is necessary to pay more focus on protecting your skin barrier and replenishing your skin flora rather than stripping it off. Ceramides are considered as the enzymes of the coming generation as they offer excellent exfoliation and have abundance of amino acids required for increasing the skin collagen.


In the upcoming years, the phenomena of energy storage in our skin cells will gain prominence and skin specialists are going to recommend treatments which cause an increase in the amount of ATP. It helps in accelerating the cell-repair mechanism and controls the damage caused to our skin cells. Thus, skin inflammation will be controlled. We are entering a complete new generation of skincare products that will boost your cell energy, thus cell-rejuvenation will take place without any kind of harm. You will rely on the ‘cold-lasers’ and switch instantly epidermal bio-stimulators.


The recent generation caters to your skin problems using trendy machines as the ‘lifting HIFU method’ and the so called ‘micro-needling techniques’ for improving your skin texture and for healing skin scarring as well as hyperpigmentation. When cosmetologists combine these treatments with laser technology used for skin-brightening, each one of us would want to age in a graceful manner.

People are focusing a lot on using home-devices and want to rely on science-driven organic skincare. We opt for a packaging which is more hygienic and safer.

Experts have recently created their topmost product – the 30% Vitamin C Face Serum which contains a magical blend of five essential vitamins – Vit E, Vit C, Vit F, Vit B3, Vit B5 and five organic essential oils- Vit E, Vit C, Vit F, Vit B3, Vit B5 mixed together in an accurate proportion for improving your skin texture. The 30 vitamin c serum for face keeps your skin well hydrated, and replenishes the skin and cleanses it deeply. It gives you a shiny skin radiance and protects your skin form the environmental barriers.

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